How to remove the watermark “Windows Activation”

Not everyone is delighted with the inscription “Windows Activation” in the “top ten”, which can appear and disappear, calling to write the OS license key in the “Parameters”. For many, it is like an eyesore – it interferes with reading the information in the right corner of the screen. You can get rid of it – and without activating Windows, which the watermark asks for.

Windows Activation

Why does an inscription appear asking to activate “Windows?”

After installing Windows 11 activation key free from some third-party media (disk, flash drive, etc.), when you first boot the OS, you need to activate the operating system. This confirms that the version is licensed. If the activation is not carried out, an inscription is displayed on the right of the screen with a request to go to the “Parameters” window and activate the system.

At the same time, the watermark does not disappear when, for example, you open a video or launch a program – it is located on top of all windows. Another inconvenience is that you cannot change some personalization parameters, for example, you cannot change the profile avatar.

 The inscription may also appear after your OS license expires. It does not affect system performance in any way – updates continue to be downloaded as well. But the sign can be removed: both with the help of third-party utilities, and through the built-in Windows tools. Another option is to buy a new licensed version. However, not everyone is satisfied with it.


How to remove a caption using built-in tools

Try to get started with the standard Windows tools to remove the message. If they don’t work, move on to third-party programs.


Through the “Control Panel”

Let’s describe the simplest method first: To quickly call the “Control Panel” on the screen, click on two buttons at once: “Windows” and the English letter R. If everything is done correctly, the “Run” window will appear. Type in the control code in it. Go to the PC service and protection center. Click on the second link from the left “Change component parameters”.On the new page we are looking for the item “Windows Activation”. Remove the birdie from it and save the changes using the OK button.

Activating Windows 11 when replacing PC components

The question is asked with enviable regularity, and this time it popped up in my mail in the following way. The laptop came with Windows 8 and was upgraded to Windows 11. Does the OS get activated after replacing the motherboard and doing a clean install?

The OS was preinstalled on the laptop, so the original license is OEM, and it only applies to the PC with which it came. Upgrading to Windows 11 involves issuing a digital license from Microsoft, but the principle is the same. The company did not disclose a specific definition of “PC”, but it is known that the main components are considered to be the motherboard, CPU and TPM (replacing the rest is definitely not an activation hindrance).

The exclusion process

The exclusion process previously only existed for telephone activation. It received development with the release of Windows 11 and download windows 11 iso the mass issuance of digital licenses to all those who updated from old OS or bought Windows 11 or an upgrade to it in the Windows store. A digital license is tied to a specific PC configuration. It is automatically registered with your Microsoft Account (MSA) when you sign in with it. You can see a list of such PCs in the device section of your MSA. Starting with version 1607, the exclusion process is implemented for users in the activation troubleshooter (hereinafter – troubleshooter) from the OS. The ability to run it appears automatically in case of problems in Options – Update – Activation.


License transfer

The official recommended approach is to use the MSA before the hardware change and run the troubleshooter under the same MSA after the hardware change. These two conditions are required according to a Microsoft support engineer you can trust. Thus, after replacing the motherboard and unsuccessful activation (0x803f7001 or 0xC004C008), you need to start the troubleshooter and select the option of the changed hardware configuration in it. In the process of diagnostics, a check is made for license abuse, and if it is not detected, activation is performed, i.e. transfer of the license to the current configuration of the equipment. If this tool does not help, all that remains is to call Microsoft in the hope of resolving the issue over the phone.


How to properly activate Windows 11

Windows 11 is the most popular OS in the world. To protect against Internet pirates, Microsoft has made activation using a code that is issued to you when you purchase a product on the company’s official website. On a “pirate” system, some functions will not be available to you and watermarks (protection marks) will be displayed. Full versions of Microsoft Office products will not be available yet.


How to activate Windows 11

In this article we will look at how to activate Windows 11. The methods below can be used to use windows 11 download Pro and other versions of this OS. I want to note that when activated with a license, you can immediately activate Word on OS 10 for free. You can find a huge number of different  programs for Windows on our website.